A New Blog

Hello. I know what you are thinking…

“Why in the world is she starting another blog?”

Well, let me tell you. I love my art blog, but in attempt to keep it semi-professional I have restricted myself to only posting about art. Our wedding blog was also fun, it made me realize that I really enjoy blogging about things other than art.

When I commented that I would miss the wedding blog after our reception in January some friends and family encouraged me to keep blogging. I knew that I didn’t want to stay on the wedding blog…I have a lot more to talk about than wedding details and about C.J. and I.

With that being said this blog will consist of a lot of different things. I will be posting recipes, opinions, helpful hints, DIY projects, and updates. I am excited for this new blog and hopefully those of you reading this are as well.

Here’s to a new blog and the new year!



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