Canadian Brass

Last night C.J. and I went to see Canadian Brass perform at the OSU Seratean Center. The show was put on by OSU Allied Arts and was very well attended. It lasted about two hours-but it didn’t feel like a two hour concert.

The brass quintet was engaging and funny, and their music was fabulous. They encouraged the audience to snap pictures and take videos, so I promise that what you are about to see was not against any rules.



C.J. and I went to dinner at Joe’s before the concert-he thinks the photo might have been a bit creepy.



A quick snap before I was told photography was allowed during the show.



After they were introduced, Canadian Brass marched right through the aisle of the theater! It was unexpected!



They were very intriguing!


This is just a short clip of one of their songs.


A longer song-this was one of my favorites of the night.


They also performed a wonderful Carmen, but I did not record it. It was about 10 minutes long and included props and lots of movement-it was so fun!

I highly recommend seeing Canadian Brass if you get the chance, they are a wonderful group!


Canadian Brass





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