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Vendor Review: Mitch Alcala Photography

There are a lot of photographers these days. I mean…a lot. The thing to remember is that there are not a lot of GOOD photographers everywhere.

I am please to say that we found one of the BEST photographers. Mitch, from Mitchell Alcala Photography, was pleasant to work with and did a fantastic job!

When C.J. and I decided that we wanted to do a photo shoot on the Oklahoma State University campus, we looked into a few photographers based in Stillwater. Mitch’s work stood out to us, and we decided to hire him.

He is very nice, has professional grade equipment, and was fast in returning our pictures to us. As far as price goes, he is reasonably priced for the work that he puts out. It is fantastic.

I am extremely awkward when it comes to taking pictures. I stand funny, make odd faces, and usually have my hand clenched in a fist…he worked with this and our pictures look great!

Here is a photo from our photo shoot with Mitch.


If I am in need of a photographer in the Stillwater/OklahomaCity/Tulsa area I will definitely think of Mitchell Alcala Photography.

Mitchell Alcala Photography



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