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Family Plug: Sugared Confections

I don’t know how else to put this, but my aunt makes DELICIOUS cakes, cookies, cupcakes…etc. She  is the baker behind the wonderful treats that come out of Sugared Confections.

Being a perfectionist, she never lets any food out of her kitchen unless it received the highest seal of approval. If that means remaking a cake in the middle of the night, that is what she does. She has made so many cakes over the years, and while she claims that she is not artistic or creative-I beg to differ.

Her cakes are unique, fun…and very creative. I wished I lived closer to enjoy all of the wonderful things that come out of her kitchen.

Because of her, I now turn my nose up at any grocery store cake or even some homemade cakes. Her cakes are the absolute best.

She made my wedding cake, and it was both beautiful and delicious.


Yes, those flowers are edible, and yes, that is a naked cake. She also made C.J.’s cake…


That symbol is completely edible and was hand drawn. Amazing.

If you are in need of a cake or any dessert, take a look at the Sugared Confections blog. You might find that it is worth the drive to Guymon, Oklahoma.

Sugared Confections 


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