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Vendor Review: Hello! Catering

When looking for a caterer in Stillwater, your options are fairly limited. This is actually quite surprising to me.

Maybe I just did not do enough research, but we decided to go with Hello! Catering out of Perkins. I have had some of their food at different functions and it is good. Their “Thanksgiving” and “Christmas” dinners with all of the side dishes are great-they make superb dinner rolls.

We were looking for someone to create a dessert buffet. I should have asked to taste the desserts I was requesting, but I figured “Desserts….probably not something that needs to be taste tested before approval.”

I am a dessert person, and I am easy to please in that department. The desserts we had at our elopement celebration were not superb-they were adequate. I wish that I could rave about the desserts that we had and that our guests had left talking about the delicious dessert buffet-but that did not happen.

We had 4 different types of bars, 3 kinds of cookies, and 4 kinds of pie. To me that means that there is a huge opportunity to impress. If I am going to hire someone to make food, I want it to be better than the food I can make myself. 

The desserts we received were extremely average in taste and in presentation. A bit of a disappointment.

I would actually be more forgiving if the professional side of the catering company had been better. It is almost impossible to get a response from this company.

If you email…expect a two to three week wait. I did get a response in a couple of hours once, but….just once.

If you call…you will 1) Get the voicemail of the owner…don’t expect a call back or 2) Talk to the owner who sounds frantic and  unorganized and is quite frankly, a bit rude.

I never actually met the owner, she had an employee drop the food off at our reception. Her employee was very nice and was very professional….maybe she should run the company. She talked like she had made the majority of the food.

I am sad to say that when I need a caterer in Stillwater I will not think of Hello! Catering. I was not satisfied with them and would rather stress myself out making food by myself than hire them.

Hopefully I will be able to recommend a delicious and professional caterer in the Stillwater area in the near future.

Hello! Catering



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