Top 5 Favorite Things in the Kitchen

I have loved being in the kitchen lately. It has become some sort of relaxing escape from all of the stress of school and work and life in general–and if I can create something delicious while being there, even better!

The following list is my 5 favorite items in my kitchen that I have been using pretty much every day. Daily use was a defining factor for this list.

top 5 kitchen

1. Ninja Blender. Oh my goodness–I love this thing! C.J. surprised me with it when he came home from Ohio this summer. Quick recap- He drove the whole 14 hours two days before schedule, stopped and bought a blender and smoothie ingredients, then surprised me at home. I have really loved this blender. In fact, it is the only small kitchen appliance that is allowed to sit on the counter. The toaster, crockpot…etc all have to live in the cabinets. If you want a great smoothie recipe I recommend this Orange Creamsicle Smoothie…my current at home favorite.

I can’t say enough good things about this product. It is easy to clean-only 3 parts! It mixes, blends, chops, purifies…etc and does it very well. It is powerful, but easy to use. I love this blender-Ninja is the way to go!

Ninja Blenders can be bought at a variety of places, but information can be found on their website.

2. San Francisco coffee mug. This wonderful little mug is the perfect size for a cup of hot chocolate or tea (I am not a fan of home brewed coffee). To be completely honest, this mug has never seen the cabinet. I use it, it gets washed, and I use it before it can get put away. It is a perfect reminder of the wonderful city, It feels good in my hands, is pretty much adorable, and makes me smile every time i use it–which is quite a bit.

I found this mug at Target, and you can find it and several other great mugs in the same style there as well! My specific mug was not on their website, but they have a lot of fun coffee mugs listed.

3. Paint palette cutting board. This is one of the most fun things I have ever purchased for my kitchen.  I found it at an art museum gift shop. I love shopping at art museum gift shops-they always have the coolest things! To me, this cutting board is so clever! It is a great size and is such a clever idea.

I could not find an online link for this item, but I encourage you to venture into a museum gift shop, you might find something surprisingly awesome!

4. Rada Cutlery Chef’s Knife. Growing up, Rada Cutlery was always the fundraiser that my school did. It seemed like I was always asking people to buy knives and other kitchen tools so that my school could update their playground equipment. It has now come full circle and when my brother asked me to buy from him, I did. I love this chef’s knife-it is so handy! My grandma and mom use Rada Cutlery and love it as well. They have a great line of products.

If you can’t find a peddling school kid to help out, you can always check out their website.

5. Set of Pyrex glass bowls. The majority of things I use in my kitchen are glass. I do not like suing plastic plates, cups, bowls…etc. I would rather use something metal or something glass. These bowls are so versatile and are great quality! I absolutely LOVE them. I have three different sizes and they get used constantly. I use them for mixing, for eating, for storing…etc.

You can find your own set here.

What are some of your favorite daily use items in your kitchen?

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