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Family Plug: Maddox Farms

Today’s “Family Plug” features my parents farm and business. They have been raising goats for a while now. It started with 8 does that my dad bought and has now turned into a somewhat major operation.

They raise the several different breeds of meat goats and my mom raises milk goats as well. While the goats are the main, year-round business of Maddox Farms, my mom also raises chickens and sell the eggs, and both of my parents cut and bale hay.

It is no secret that I did not inherit the “farm” gene that runs through my family, but I am in awe of my parents and their determination with Maddox Farms. They work so hard, hardly sleep during hay season, and still find time to be with all three of their children (two of which live away from “home”).


My mom can usually be found at the Saturday morning farmer’s market in Guymon, selling meat and eggs.


She also sells my aunt’s goat milk soap. My aunt’s soap company will be featured in a family plug in the future.


My grandma helps with the Maddox Farm endeavors as much as possible. She is fantastic.


This last summer, my mom was named Entrepreneur of the Month. I am so proud of her! The shirts that my grandma and mom are wearing are some t-shirts that my dad came up with. I did the artwork based around the sayings they wanted. My mom has said that they even sell a few of the shirts once in a while.


It is hard work, but my mom always gives 210% and always has a smile on her face.

If you are in need of goat milk, goat meat, hay baling, fresh eggs, or just an afternoon on a farm in the Oklahoma Panhandle, Maddox Farms is the place to go!

My parent’s haven’t set up a website or anything for Maddox Farms, so if you would like more information please contact me through this blog and I can get you in touch with them.

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