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Vendor Review: Tropical Smoothie Cafe

I must admit that over the course of a few days, C.J. and I started an addiction. It is an addiction that we are perfectly ok with…but wish was easier to fulfill. However, like with most addictions we will go out of our way to satisfy our cravings…that is what happened when we first tried Tropical Smoothie Cafe.


Day 1, First Sip– I was in Siloam Springs, Arkansas babysitting my cousin, who is absolutely the best 3 year old that I have ever encountered, but anyways…before my uncle left for work he took us into Rogers, Arkansas to get smoothies. We had planned on going through the drive through, but it was PACKED. I ran inside to get the three smoothies. I was probably in there for about 20 minutes…it was so busy. I decided to try Peaches ‘N Silk.

It was good and for $3.99 you get 24 oz of smoothie…which is quite a bit of smoothie. I was impressed.

Day 2, Peer Pressure-I had mentioned to C.J. how delicious my smoothie was, and we had looked up the different locations on their website. While there were not any in Stillwater, there are several in Tulsa and one in OKC. Coincidentally, he had a meeting in Tulsa that day. After his meeting I received a text, “What kind do you want?” He brought me back (from an hour away) Sunrise Sunset.

It was delicious…even after a drive from Tulsa. He had the Pomegranate Plunge and loved it.

Day 3, Craving-After having smoothies for two days in a row, we were needing some smoothies…so we decided to drive down to OKC to get our fix. We went to dinner and did some shopping as well, but we mainly went for smoothies. I got a Peanut Butter Cup.

Not a fan of that one…but it did not change my love of Tropical Smoothie Cafe. C.J. tried Acai Berry Blast which is now his “go-to”.

Day 4, Excuses– We didn’t expect to make another smoothie run, but when we realized that I needed to get my engagement ring appraised for the insurance company we jetted down to OKC very quickly…planning our stop on the way home for maximum smoothie enjoyment. We soon found at that we could have just called our jeweler instead of driving to OKC, but we didn’t mind–WE GOT SMOOTHIES! I got a Get Up and Goji and C.J. got his new new favorite.

I loved mine…probably my new favorite.


It is easy to see that C.J. and I are big fans of Tropical Smoothie Cafe-4 days, 3 cities, lots of smoothies.

If you need a smoothie…check the Tropical Smoothie Cafe website to find the closest blenders near you. You won’t regret it.

Here’s to you, Tropical Smoothie Cafe-Thank you for the addiction.


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