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Family Plug: Greener Pastures Products



As my parent’s and the rest of my family got more and more involved with the goat industry, my aunt started experimenting with goat milk soap. What she has done in almost a year’s time is quite amazing.

Greener Pastures Products creates bar soaps, liquid soaps, foaming soaps, shampoo bars, shaving soaps, facial bars, and scrubs. She is wanting to experiment with lotion and bath bombs next.

Not all of the soap is goat milk based and she has a wide variety of scents and colors available. She does quite well, selling at the local farmer’s market and at a shop in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Recently she was featured in a women’s show in Northwest Arkansas where she resides. She prepared several thousand bars of soap for this show-hand cutting, wrapping, and labeling each bar.


Sample bars at the women’s show.


Liquid soaps.



So many soaps to choose from!


In so many different colors, bases, and flavors!



Shave soaps and facial soaps come with a complimentary Norman Rockwell plate.


Foaming soaps.



If you have been wanting to try an all natural soap, Greener Pastures Products has something for you! The company is based in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, but they sell online and make custom orders as well.

Greener Pasturers Products


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