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Guest Post-Last Minute Valentines Day Date Ideas

So I put the Cavin in the Mrs. Cavin blog. I am very excited to be a guest blogger on Paxton’s blog. I love seeing all of the different and creative ways that Paxton shares our life with her followers.
My topic is going to be about planning a last minute valentines date. While I am a pretty organized guy, I have to admit that valentines day seems to always slip my mind. It is not a day that Paxton or I celebrate very often but occasionally it is a good excuse to get out and do something nice with each other. The first thing that any guy needs to do is understand what your partner will appreciate and what she won’t appreciate. For example, I know Paxton would not enjoy a steakhouse or a loud environment. She doesn’t really have a problem with the food, just the crowd.
The type of evening you want to express is also very important. Paxton loves quiet, intimate restaurants so that we can have a nice evening and enjoy our own conversation.
Planning the perfect date will be different for each couple but the most important thing is to make sure that you pick places or things that your partner will want. If there is someplace that she has been wanting to try, this could be the perfect opportunity to try a new place out.
No matter what you decide to do make sure that she will like the place you go but the best way to ensure the perfect date is that you are completely in the moment. I know that we often get caught up in text conversations or Facebook but the best dates that Paxton and I have are the ones that we have our phones put away and the conversation is about us.
Last minute dates don’t have to be stressful or seem rushed but make sure you consider what she wants and be all in.
-Mr. Cavin
Today’s blog post was brought to you by my husband, C.J.. If you would like to hear more of C.J.’s thoughts he can be found here.
He was recently featured in one of my blog posts.
A big thank you to C.J. for taking the time to guest blog, hopefully we will be hearing more from him in the near future.

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