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Vendor Review: Golden Dragon Cafe

Lets talk about Chinese food…more specifically Chinese food delivery. There are a few things that really disappoint me when I order delivery…

1. The food shows up much later than the estimated time.

2. The food is not the temperature it should be.

3. The food has absorbed the disgusting cigarette smoke out of the delivery driver’s car.

I will give places a second chance for the first two things…obstacles come up and sometimes things can’t be helped. However, I will NOT be return customer if the third thing happens.  It is ridiculous and can be helped. Here’s a thought….don’t hire delivery drivers that smoke and stick with the rule of a smoke free delivery car environment. I am not paying a delivery fee for the driver to take a smoke break. If this happens I will not leave a tip…well, I might leave a written tip.

Off my soapbox.



The other day C.J. threw out the possibility of ordering Chinese food for lunch. I was delighted-this does not happen often. I went to get out binder that has all of the take-out menus and coupons that we have collected over the years. We had several Chinese food options…

The first option is one of the sketchiest places. The food is alright, but they don’t always deliver.

The second option either had great food or disgusting food. Oh wait…they are not an option. The last time we worded from them our food and kitchen reeked of cigarette smoke. Tossing out that menu.

The third option is good and nearby…but they don’t deliver. We didn’t want to leave the house.

The last option, Golden Dragon Cafe. We had eaten their food once before, remembered it being delicious, and their menu stand out among the others. They deliver.

We went with Golden Dragon Cafe. It was wonderful. They have a lunch menu and a dinner menu that offer both Chinese and Thai dishes. Because they don’t cook 150 different dishes for lunch and dinner they can focus on making the 30 or so dished on the menu the right way.

The food was hot, smelled good, and on time. This goes a long way and we will tip much better when this happens.

The prices are reasonable, the food is the best in Stillwater, and they care about their customers.

I am going to say that Golden Dragon Cafe is the best Chinese food place in Stillwater, and I encourage you to try it out.


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