Helpful Hints

Helpful Hint-Produce Storage

The scene: You just got back from the grocery store and you purchased a lot of fresh produce. What goes in the refrigerator and what needs to stay on the counter?


I am very excited about this helpful hint! I always just guess what goes where. I tend to put kiwi, pears, and peaches in the refrigerator, but now I am going to keep them on the counter.

On another note-this last summer when C.J. was in Ohio I was keeping my AC set around 78 degrees. I was buying bananas almost every week for smoothies, and wasn’t able to use them before they went bad. I had a smoothie almost every day.

I would bring them home, still a little green…they would magically ripen overnight, swell up, and then go bad within a few days. I had no idea what was happening! While at my grandma’s house I was telling her about my banana problem. She laughed at me and told me that my house what too hot. Oops.

My aunt suggested putting the bananas in the refrigerator…the catch? They will turn black, but the inside will still be good. Another suggestion was to wrap the stem in foil.

Do you have any vegetable/fruit storage tips?

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