When the Recipe Fails

I am honestly not surprised that it happened. I am surprised that it hasn’t happen sooner. With all of the new recipes that I have been trying out, one of them was bound to flop.

With work and school, C.J. and I have not been seeing much of each other lately and did not get to celebrate Valentine’s Day together. We both had some free time for Sunday evening, so I got to planning a “fancy” stay at home meal. I was so excited.

C.J. has always wanted to try beef wellington, so I found a recipe, went shopping, and then set about preparing the dish. I followed the recipe to the littlest detail, but it went completely wrong. Maybe I chose a bad recipe, maybe I did miss something, maybe something else went wrong.

The pastry crust cracked off the beef, the beef was completely raw in the middle. When I tried cooking it longer, the cooked meat dried out and the raw meat remained raw. I had so much excitement built up on this meal and it was looking to be a complete failure. I tried to go tell C.J., but he was taking a well deserved nap.

With a bit more thought, I picked up my phone and called Freddie Paul’s, a local steakhouse. While waiting to go pick up the order I disposed of all the evidence of the failed beef wellington. Jawok is going to be a very happy camper this week.

I was able to go get the food, return, and plate the food before C.J. woke up. He was bit surprised when his plate was full of grilled ribeye instead of beef wellington, but he wasn’t too disappointed. Dinner was good and the night was not completely ruined.

We finished the evening off with a trip to Freddy’s for custard. Different Freddy’s.

I will be attempting to cook beef wellington again, but will be doing a bit more recipe research. Eventually, I will get it right.


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