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Custom Invites and Announcements

I debated on doing this or not, but I have decided that this is my blog…and I can do what I want. Today’s post is a shameless plug for my art. After I hang my capstone show on March 24th, I will have some free time and with Spring Break being this next week, I am feeling up for some commissions.

Every year I make Christmas cards for C.J. and I, and then I also create any other kind of announcements and invitations we might need throughout the year. Last year was a good year…save the dates, reception announcements, thank you cards, business cards, logos…etc. I was able to design quite a lot of things for a lot of people.

I have had some interest in the quirky little character drawings that I do for our Christmas cards. They would be so fun for graduation announcements and such. In these drawings I draw a carton character of the person and then surround them with things that describe the situation.

Some of my previous work can be seen in the image tiles below. If you or someone you know might be interested in commissioning some commissioned artwork for invites, announcements, greeting cards…etc please contact me. I am a fast worker and am very detailed oriented. I can process the entire order for you if you want-from the artwork to the stationary to the shipping.


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