Top 5 Dislikes


1. People who stick their hand, arm, foot…etc out of their car window while driving.

I am not quite sure why this bothers me so much, but it does. What would happen if something hit or flew into whatever is sticking out of the window? Depending on how fast they are going and what the object is, it might hurt. They should know better, I do not feel sorry for them.

2. Delivery drivers that smoke in their car.

I can deal with the food being late, I will be semi-understanding if it is not hot, but I will be extremely disappointed if it reaks of smoke. No tip, the food goes straight into the dumpster (not the trash inside the house), and I will not order from that restaurant again. Have some courtesy and think of others. No one wants to breathe second hand smoke and no one wants to eat it either.


3. Family car stickers.

To me this just screams “Look who might be in my car!” It seems like it might be a safety risk, but also….nobody cares. I must admit though, the creative ones do not bother me as much as the stupid little stick figures and pets.

4. Crafters.

Maybe it happened after I started taking a lot of fine art classes, but sometime within the last few years I started cringing at the word “crafts”. I think it is great that people like to get creative with glue and glitter, but when they parade it around like it should be in the next big exhibition at the Whitney, I get a little annoyed.

I should be nicer. At least they are trying to be creative….maybe. I mean…it depends on how much of themselves they out into the project. The really awful stuff is what is copied straight from Pinterest.

I know I am being mean, but my feelings about crafters is not going to change anytime soon.

5. Slow turners.

You know who I am talking about. Those people who basically stop to turn then take it inch by inch the rest of the way. This can’t be safe, especially on high traffic roads.

What are some of your major dislikes?

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