Weekend Trip to Crystal Bridges

This last weekend, C.J. and I went to Northwest Arkansas to babysit my 3 year old cousin. We had a blast and came home completely exhausted. On Saturday we ventured to Bentonville to go see some of the sculptures at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. The museum is completely free of charge.

It was nice outside and I wanted to see The Way of Color by James Turrell, so we decided to just do the outdoor sculpture walk. My cousin is a great kid and he is usually well behaved for C.J. and I, but I was not looking forward to constantly reminding him to not touch the artwork…so the outdoor walk was probably the best choice for us.

We saw the Turrell piece, which I forgot to get a picture of, and saw many other outdoor sculptures. We took pictures beside anything that resembled an animal and my cousin and C.J. never forgot to add the “Go Pokes” hand sign to the snapshot. He said that his favorite sculpture was the turtle.

My aunt and uncle are avid OSU fans and are raising their son to be the same way.

Crystal Bridges

We had a great time. I only cringed when C.J. stood my cousin on top of the Keith Haring piece for the picture. We didn’t get escorted off the premises, so I guess it was ok.

The walk was fairly long and included many staircases…a lot of work for a 3 year old with short legs, but he was fantastic and only started to get cranky when walking back to the car. I was extremely proud of the three of us.

The grounds at Crystal Bridges are beautiful, even during the winter. I snapped this shot of some dried flowers by one of the sculptures.


Such a fun weekend with one of the best 3 year olds I know. There is no doubt that we will have many more exciting adventures with this little guy.


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