Helpful Hints

Helpful Hint-Savings!

Hobby Lobby Edition.

So….being in the town that I am in has some perks…not a lot, but there are some. One of those perks is that there are more art supply shopping options than my hometown offered.

It would be incredible to have something other than Hobby-Closed-On-Sunday-Lobby, but it will do.

They always seem to have everything on sale, but every once in while the item you need will not be on sale. This is where the 40% off coupon comes into play.


  • You can only use it on 1 item.
  • You can only use it 1 time a day. (they track credit card names….supposedly. Use cash if you will be using it more than once a day)
  • If they try to tell you that you can’t use it on custom items…such as framing…they are lying. Call them on it.

My theory is…why not use it?

I have it saved in my bookmarks on my phone, so I can just pull it up while standing in line at the cash register.

Another perk?

I am not a patient person…so if someone is trying to Google the coupon or find it in their purse, I can offer the cashier the already pulled up webpage on my phone. Instant time saver.

I will sometimes offer to share it with people who don’t know about it too…but I probably don’t do that often enough.

Also, it pulls up the most current coupon code!

Here is the link. Bookmark it!



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