Vendor Reviews

Vendor Review: Schubert’s Bakery

When C.J. and I decided to elope we knew that there were a few things that we did not want to “miss out” on. I wanted a fancy white dress. He wanted a new suit. We both wanted some sort of sweet cake-like celebration.


We had our wedding cakes at our reception, but we wanted something in San Francisco as well. After going through websites, urban spoon reviews, yelp reviews…etc… we finally found the bakery we wanted to use.

They were relatively close to our hotel.

They were not expensive.

They had fantastic reviews.

They had fabulous pictures on their website.

The cakes were GORGEOUS!

We picked out the cake we wanted. Called to order it and picked it up the afternoon before our elopement ceremony.


The bakery was fantastic. When we are in San Francisco again, we will most definitely have to stop in. They sell things of all sizes, so you can stop in for a snack or pick up a cake for a party.

We got the tiramisu cake.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We enjoyed the cake the evening of our elopement with strawberries and champagne. It was perfect. I was extremely sad to leave the leftovers at the hotel when we left the next day…so I had a slice for breakfast. đŸ™‚

Schubert’s Bakery


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