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DIY: Weaved Photo Frame


I made this weaved photo frame awhile ago and it only cost around $20. I am constantly collecting and saving buttons, pieces of jewelry that break, and beads, so I did not have to purchase those items for the piece.

The frame that I found is 40″ X 30″ and was in the Hobby Lobby clearance section because it was damaged. I worked around the damaged places by filling in the cracks with wood glue, plastering over the spots that were not even and then painting over the damaged areas. You can do this in a variety of ways. I chose to incorporate the paint with the actual wood frame, but you could just as easily paint over the entire frame for a different effect.

1. Gather your supplies.


2. Cut pieces of twine to fit the frame. You will need strands long enough to stretch to the height and width of the frame. If you want diagonals, cut those as well.


3. Use nails or screws to stretch your twine on your frame creating a grid. It can be as precise as you want. The main objection here is to make sure your strands are tightly secures to the nails or screws on the frame. To create space in your grid for layering, attach strands of twine to the back and the from of the frame. After your grid is complete, you can add some diagonal pieces if you would like.


4. I attached buttons, beads, and loose random objects to the frame for a decorative touch. I used hot glue for this. If your objects are heavy or metal you might look at using a stronger type of glue.


5. I attached objects to some of the intersections as well. This can be done using thread, twine, or even thin wire.


6. The final piece can be hung on the wall.


7. Pictures, notes…etc can be attached to the frame using clothes pins, paper clips, alligator binder clips, photo clips..etc. I mix and match what I use, but choose what you like to create the athletic you want.





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