Vendor Reviews

Vendor Review: Lottinvilles

The other night C.J. took me out on a date. With things being so busy lately, it was a much needed evening. He called me on Sunday asking if I could have a date night on Tuesday night. I said yes, and asked if he had anything in mind. He said it was a surprise. He even made reservations!

I don’t care what kind of date night it is-if C.J. makes the plans, it is always enjoyable.

We went to Lottinvilles in Edmond, which came highly recommended by one of the ladies in my office. It was fantastic.

Great atmosphere.

Great food.

Great service.

Reasonably priced.

I ordered the Chicken Tortellini and a Pear Salad. C.J. ordered a steak with broccoli and spinach.


C.J.’s steak was little overdone and was sent back to the kitchen, but they quickly retired a new one and then comped us a dessert. I don’t remember the name of this dessert, but it was a dense chocolate mouse cake with a light cream sauce. Perfect end to a perfect meal.


Everything was wonderful and I will definitely be keeping this restaurant on my list of Edmond eateries. I find that it is always good to have a few fantastic dining options in different locations.





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