Do It Your Way

Operation Dresser Makeover-DIY

So…we recently moved. Photos to come, but with moving comes the joys of finding ways to incorporate all of your stuff into a completely different place.

Great place. Less storage than the last house.


Oh well, that just means to think creatively about storage. We found a decent priced dresser on Craigslist. I know…sketchy, but it was local and listed a local phone number.

College towns are perfect for cheapish furniture finds during the months of April-July. Students are moving and don’t want to lug around unneeded furniture.

The dresser we got apparently belonged to some girl’s ex-boyfriend…so she was selling it. Kudos to her.

Here is the “Before” picture of the dresser.


It had some screws that needed tightening and a major makeover…but it was a good dresser for an affordable price.

Challenge accepted.

After a coat (one coat!) of paint and about $15 worth of new hardware (knobs on 50% off sale at Hobby-Closed-on-Sunday-Lobby) the dresser was adequate for the guest bedroom.


Excuse the cord…it will be hidden soon enough.

Not a super complicated DIY, but a drastic change nonetheless.

What are some easy DIY’s that you have completed lately?

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