Update Part 2

I went to Taos, New Mexico for two and a half weeks! The trip was a drawing class from OSU. OSU owns property in Taos, so they have several outreach classes there.

I use the term “drawing” class very loosely. In all reality, it was more of a “make art out of whatever you want” class. We all created handmade sketchbooks before the class and sketched on location every day.

Two and a half weeks is a lot of time to live in a hotel room, but it allowed enough time to go visit many different places. We had two full weekends of free time to work on art or adventure across New Mexico.

I came back to Oklahoma the first weekend…but that is for another update post.

Each day started around 9 AM and we finished up around 5-ish. We would typically visit two or three different places, ranging from museums, natural landmarks, Taos must-sees, and churches.

And now…for some pictures. Read the captions for explanations.

The trip was a ton of fun and it was such a unique opportunity to be able to create art all day. To see my sketches from the trip you can head to my art website. 

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