Update Part 3

Earlier in the year we started to realize that unless one of us got a great job in Stillwater, there was not much left for us to do there. We would need to move.

It became more and more clear that a move was needed after C.J. got a job working as a Legislative Assistant at the Capitol. The drive to and from Stillwater was impractical and costly, so he lived in Edmond Sunday night through Thursday and would come home on the weekends.

After living apart last summer we were not entirely pleased with the situation, but it was the most practical thing to do at the time. Needless to say, we were both ready to move to one central location.

Not knowing what we would be doing after graduation, we decided to look in the Edmond/OKC area for houses. We spent a long time looking with no luck at all…except the most wonderful house in Edmond owned by a retired interior designer. It was so quirky, had great natural light, and the perfect studio space. However, it was to buy and with both of us looking for full time jobs…we decided to be responsible and not take on a huge mortgage.

One Thursday, I met C.J. in Edmond and we drove around checking out houses we found online. Each house got more and more sketchy.

One Saturday morning I was looking at different houses online and stumbled across one in North Edmond. I called the number and was delighted to find out that it had not been rented out. We went to look at Saturday afternoon, filled out the application that evening, and were approved for the house on Sunday. We picked up the keys early that next week and started taking small loads down every time we were headed to OKC.

We found the house during the first week of May, so it was too late to cancel the lease on the other two houses we were staying at. So…for the month of May we had three houses, 6 bedrooms, and lots of different bills. It was a confusing month trying to close things down everywhere as well as start new services at the new house.

We were also right in the middle of moving during graduation. That was stressful.

It worked out though and we are so happy with the new house. It has pretty much everything that we wanted. I would love more storage space, but can you ever have enough?

The dogs have a big back yard, the front yard is beautiful and has a peach tree, a plum tree, and an apricot tree in it. We have a picket fence, its quaint, but I don’t know how to feel about it.

The house has tile and the fake hard wood floors…yay! Rental houses with carpet make absolutely NO sense to me.

I was going to flood this post with pictures of the house, but someone suggested that I give a sort of virtual “House Tour” through the blog. So, watch out for those posts.

Moving Announcement

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