House Tour: Living Room

If you have been following along with the blog, you know that we recently moved. With my Taos class and just busyness in general, I have been very slow at getting things just the way I want them, but I am finally there!

The first room in the house tour is the living room. This is one of my favorite rooms in the new house, which is a good thing because we spend a lot of time in this room.

While there is a whole spectrum of colors in this room we tried to keep the main palette limited to orange, turquoise, charcoal, and cream.

When we moved C.J. requested that his recliner would live in the living room. He doesn’t request many things when it comes to how the house looks, so after days of inner conflict I conceded.

Nothing against his recliner…I hate all recliners in general. They are the stereotypical man chair for day sleeping, endless tv watching, and wife ignoring…but he has promised to not fall into this group, and I believe him. His recliner is actually on the nicer side and it has been nice having the extra sitting space in the living room.

Ready for some images?

The view from the front entry way. The couch, the before mentioned recliner, the wonderful north facing french door/windows, and the rolling canvas door to my studio. Before we added the canvas door there were 3 open doorways leading into the living room, the fourth wall has 3 doors leading to the backyard.

The space seemed like a lobby and I was having wall space withdrawals. I also desperately needed some sort of privacy for my studio….it gets messy in there. The answer to the majority of our problems was to add a door to the studio entryway…the problem? Doors are expensive, this is a rent house, and the opening is 8ft x 5ft. That is one massive door.

We couldn’t have anything that would need swinging space. I did NOT want curtains…or (shudder) beads. I needed more art in the living room…the beige walls were driving me nuts. So…I began researching barn doors and track doors. The hardware for those things is crazy expensive…so I looked for some out-of-the-box ways to make things work. There will be a DIY post on this project soon, so I won’t give away too many details here. I think that we managed to create the door for around $75. Not too bad.



The view from the dining room. Pardon the intense light streaming into the space.


Looking at the south wall. I swear that I leveled those paintings a million times. I am going to blame it on the earthquakes.



The east wall minus the entertainment center. Here is the DIY on that spectacular photo frame.



Detail view of the northwest corner.



Detail view of the shelving unit on the south wall. I am really excited that we have a space to display the painting we made on our wedding day.



Hope you enjoyed the space, I know I love it. One of my favorite things about the room is that two of the main pieces of artwork are collaboration pieces that C.J. and I have completed. The studio door and the small square painting on the south wall.

It is definitely a space that has says “Let’s do something together” and that is the best kind of space.

Next up on the house tour-Kitchen & Dining Room

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