House Tour: Kitchen and Dining Room

I love to cook, so I spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen. It was actually the first room to get decorated and completely moved into.

I love this kitchen compared to the last house that we were in.

I love that everything is not on one wall in a big square room.

I love that there is a ventilation system for the stove/oven.

I love that I have counter space on either side of my stove.

I really that there is a dishwasher.

There is lots to love about my kitchen and there are a few spots that I am completely overjoyed with how they turned out. When we got married and had our reception this last year we saved ALL of the gifts that we received. We didn’t use any gift cards or open any of the products. Why? Because we knew that we would be moving after graduation…either to another house in Stillwater, or somewhere new. We also knew that May is a fairly expensive month (6 month car insurance, graduation costs….etc) and we knew that moving is costly. With these things in mind we decided to save all of our wedding gifts for our move so that we had new things for our new house even though our budget would be tight.

The kitchen received the most love from this idea. New dining set, new silverware, lots of random new dishes, small appliances…etc. It was tough to store all of our gifts in the garage for almost 6 months, but…it was worth it.

Ready for the tour?

Viewing the kitchen from the living room.



Detail of message board and cupcake painting on east wall. Side note:  This painting is now sold…time for something new!



Detail of south wall, kitchen sink.





Detail of north wall, stove, and cookbook nook.






One of my favorite “sections” of the kitchen. The coffee station complete with paper flowers in an antique milk jar, Oklahoma shaped cutting board, and everything coffee. The shelving unit is full of all of the mugs, coffees, teas, and everything else hot-drink related.





The dining room view from the kitchen.



The dining room, view from living room.


Detail of boxes on the wall. The small vase in the middle was a gift from my sister from her recent trip to Nicaragua.



Detail of glassware and wine shelf.



Looking into the kitchen from the dining room.




I hope you enjoyed this portion of the house tour. I can’t wait to create more delicious food in this kitchen!

Next stop on the tour:  Entryway.


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