House Tour: Entryway

Today’s house tour post is short and simple. I probably should have started the tour with the entryway, but it isn’t as exciting as the first two rooms that we toured.

Please forgive me if your OCD sensors are going off right due to the confusing order of the house tour.

Ok, so the entryway. This is a big step up for us. I had a nice entry way in my dorm room, but the last two places that C.J. and I have shared have not had great entryways.

In our first apartment the entryway was in the bedroom. Awkward and weird? Yes. Guests had to enter through the bedroom, through the kitchen, and make a slight right in the dining room to get to the living room.

Our second home just had a simple doorway in the living room. Nothing fancy, but better than entering a home through a bedroom.

Our entryway in the new house is great because it is an actual entry way, has a coat closet (hallelujah!), and has space for storage of purses, keys, mail…etc.

Ready for the quick tour?

The view when you enter through the front door.


The entryway “station.”





The view as you are headed out the front door. Yes, that is our picket fence. I am still not sure about my feelings on that.



It was a quick tour, but I hope you enjoyed it!

Next stop on the house tour?  Guest bedroom.

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