Artist Spotlight

Busy Mockingbird


I would like to start introducing some of my favorite artists to my “” readers. These artists might range from local artists that I know personally to artists I admire from history books to those that have caught my attention online. Everyone needs a little bit of art and it is always fun to share art with others.

Please note that none of the artists have compensated me in anyway. I love art. I love supporting artists. I need no other incentive. 

Shall we get started with the very first “Artist Spotlight Saturday” post?


Busy Mockingbird (A.K.A. Mica Angela Hendricks)

This artist is fantastic and I have no idea how she gets so much drawing time in! I follow her on Instagram and it seems like she is always posting a new drawing. While all of her work is fantastic, what caught my attention was her collaboration pieces with her four year daughter.

She will sketch a figure’s head and then let he daughter doodle on the artwork. They create some of the most imaginative and fun creatures together! I bought one of her prints and it is one of my favorite things in the whole house.

Oh…she also just published a book. It is on my want list!

Parent/child collaboration art has really started to intrigue me and I will feature more of that type of work on the blog in future posts. I am not sure what it is that draws me to the artwork, but I find it so fun, practical, and inspiring.

To see more of Busy Mockingbird’s work, you can visit some of the places linked below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!




My amazing print from Busy Mockingbird.

Pretty’s on the Inside




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