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Shout Out!

This summer has been extremely stressful for many reasons. I have been stretched to my limits in many areas and while things are finally starting to be a little less stressful, there is someone who deserves a shout out. This person has tolerated my emotional stress roller coaster all summer and for a while before that too. They are the best at encouraging, cheering up, helping, listening, and supporting.

That amazing person would be my wonderful husband. If you haven’t already read about him on the blog, you can do so here.




Before this blog, C.J. and I kept a wedding blog that talked about our elopement plans, reception details, and then little things about our relationship. It was full of love, probably cliche, but absolutely perfect in every way. I am so happy that we blogged throughout our engagement. It is so much fun to look back on and read from time to time.


Occasionally on the wedding blog we would write something about one another and today I am going to do just that. Because my fantastic husband has been my life saver this summer, I want my readers to know 5 wonderful things about him. I truly believe that is important to always let your spouse or partner know how you feel about them….they probably know you love them, but it is so wonderful to hear it said out loud.


1. He is the funniest person I know. 

It doesn’t matter what is going on or what the tone is, C.J. can always bring a smile to my face. He can entertain a crowd too, but it always impresses me when he can make me laugh during the most mundane daily activities. Even if we get into an argument he is always the first person to lighten the mood.

I could not be with someone who couldn’t make me laugh, and I hit the jackpot with C.J.


2. He is loyal. 

Maybe that sounds strange, but it isn’t. One of the qualities I love about C.J. is that he is loyal to everyone, especially those he cares about. Whether it is a professional or personal commitment, if he says that he is there for you, he is, and he never falters. This quality is important for every relationship, but most important for a marriage. It is extremely comforting to know that my husband is constantly supporting me in everything I do and that I can always count on him.

The culture we live in doesn’t always value loyalty. News, tv shows, and other media are constantly showing the world that successful people are “Loyal to themselves alone” and that backstabbing in the office and cheating in relationships is a common, everyday thing. It may seem like loyalty is a thing of the past, but it isn’t, and it is important to recognize those who truly are loyal.


3. He is the most handsome man on the planet. 

I am being completely honest when I tell C.J. that he is the most handsome man in the world. Occasionally I will tease him about my celebrity crush list, but in all honesty, he is better than any of those people. He has the most amazing smile, that immediately brightens my day. The sparkle in his eyes gives me butterflies when he looks at me. He always looks good.


4. He is the best at surprises. 

No one can cheer me up like he can. He immediately notices when I am upset about something, and sometimes I think that he has a course of action already planned out in his head. Whether I have had a bad day, a long week, or have achieved something, he is always ready with a surprise. Sometimes he will bring home my favorite candy bar and secretly place it in the refrigerator to be found later, sometimes he will have all the house chores done before I come home, sometimes he will tell me to get ready to go and he will surprise me with a nice dinner out.

He leaves the best surprise notes too. If he is leaving town, I can almost always count on a note being hidden somewhere in the house. When I went to New Mexico this summer he snuck letters into my suitcase for me to find when I unpacked at the hotel. One of my favorites was when I went to my wedding dress fitting. It was a complete surprise to find a note tucked away in my shoe box.


5. He listens to what I say. 

I absolutely hate the stereotype that men don’t listen to their wives. Why is that a thing? Maybe I just got lucky, but I never have to wonder if C.J. is listening to me. Even if I am just jabbering on about something completely unimportant, he still listens! Having someone who listens to you and cares about what you are saying is a game changer.

If you can’t have an actual two-way conversation with your spouse, you are doomed. You both have to know how to communicate and to listen.

These five things are just a small amount of the things I love about my wonderful husband.  This summer might have been super stressful, but we got through it together and I am so grateful for him. I can’t wait to see what opportunities this fall brings, and I am comforted knowing that no matter what I have the best person to experience it with.





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