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Date Night Idea

Sometimes relationships need a little pick me up. It could be that both people are busy, stressed, or any number of things. I truly believe that it is important to have plenty of surprises, fun, and distraction free time with your partner.

This date idea includes all three.

C.J. had been out of the house most of the day with meetings and was not going to be home until late. We had been pretty busy and had not had a lot of time to really spend together, so I decided that a surprise was in order.

After some thinking I decided to build a fort. Yes, you read that correctly. I built a fort…out of sheets…just like I did when I was a child. I am proud to admit that this was the best fort I have ever built.

With the winning combination of sheets, twine, thumbtacks and a staple gun, I managed to built a fort on top of the guest bedroom bed. This was a perfect place because…

  1. It was out of the way.
  2. No one likes sitting on the floor.

I even dug out some Christmas lights to use for lighting.

I then gathered some extra pillows, card games, our All About Us book, my laptop logged into Netflix, and some drinks and snacks.

When the fort was complete I started to work with the surprise factor. Because…lets be honest, if you build a fort it needs a great introduction.

I made a path using sticky notes with instructions on them that would lead C.J. to the fort. I watched for him to get home and then quietly and quickly ran to “hide” in the fort. He followed the trail and we played several rounds of Uno.

It was so much fun and I loved being able to surprise him. Who expects their wife to construct a fort for game night? C.J. now does.

I am not sure when the fort will reappear, but it was so much fun to have a quiet, at home date night.


What are some fun date ideas that you have surprised your partner with?

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