House Tour: Master Bedroom

Sorry for the delay in the house tour…can’t post a room if it isn’t perfectly tidy! I promise that it has been clean since the last house tour post, but with our busy schedules we have not managed to take photos and blog during the really clean window.

It always seems like the master bedroom is the one room in the house that gets untidy the fastest. Dirty laundry, change from pockets, cluttered nightstands…etc.

Anyways. This master bedroom is by far my favorite out of all the houses we have lived in. Our first home had an entryway/master bedroom which was…annoying. The second house had a small bedroom with a small closet. Nothing fancy.

This master bedroom is not huge, but it was able to accommodate a king size bed…something that C.J. was overjoyed about. It also is attached to the 1/2 bath and has a decent sized walk in closet.

For the first time since we have been together all of our clothes and accessories can be stored in the same closet.

It is really nice to have everything all in one place.

Enough talking…onto the tour!


Looking into the bedroom from the doorway. I love two things when it comes to my bedroom:  natural light and simplicity.  I want a space for relaxing, so while there is art on the walls…it isn’t too cluttered.



Above the bed:  My wedding vows, my watercolor painting, Embrace, & C.J.’s wedding vows.



The other side of the bedroom.


I love seeing these items before I go to bed and when I wake up each morning:  The necklace I created last fall, my wedding bouquet, and our All About Us book.



Closet space for two! We did have to get creative. There is a book shelf against the wall you are looking at and a dresser on the left wall. My shirts  and pants hang above the dresser. Some t-shirts, shorts, and pajamas folded on the book shelf. To say I am proud of the organization of the closet is an understatement.



The black shelf unit is actually a bottle carrier from Pops in Arcadia. We painted it and use it for my larger jewelry pieces and C.J.’s cufflinks. It works great!





Coat hooks make cute necklace holders. We use this jewelry hanger for jewelry, sewing kits, extra buttons, safety pins…etc. It is really handy.




I think the last room in the house tour is the studio, so stay tuned for that!


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