Art Teacher, Vol. 1

I have officially completed a month of teaching elementary art!

I can’t believe that 4 weeks have already come and gone. I am also very thankful for this wonderful 3 day weekend.

Teaching is everything I hoped for and so much more than I expected. I knew that I would be exhausted each day, but I must say that I wasn’t expecting complete exhaustion to hit me everyday when the 3:05 bell rings. I was given some “new teacher” books to read and was told that they make good reading material for “when you can’t sleep.” So far that has not been a problem. I sleep very well…every night.

I am really enjoying this new adventure. While I don’t expect to stay in an elementary school setting forever, I do enjoy the students and the different skill levels that come with the different ages.

It is not all sunshine and cupcakes. I broke up a fight this last week and had to send my first two referrals to the office. It was heart breaking. I wanted to get in my car, speed through my commute, and hide away in my bed. However, each day is a new day.

One teacher gave me some advice, she told me not to take things too seriously and not to let a bad day wear me down. She said that she makes each week a personal game (she is the PE teacher). If she has a bad day on Monday, it is Kids: 1 Teacher: 0…and she tries to come out on top by the end of the week.

Teaching over 800 students each week is a huge challenge. I struggle with the fact that I don’t know all of their names and might not get to know something about each student. I am trying though.

Overall, it has been a great month. During these last four weeks I have learned so many new things, met many helpful people, gained confidence in myself, and accomplished a few personal goals. The most exciting word of these last four weeks has been “official.” I am planning on taking advantage of Labor Day weekend to catch up on some sleep, finish a few house projects, spend time with my wonderful husband, and get ready for another month of teaching adventures.

There are many perks to teaching elementary students, and kind notes are definitely at the top of the list.

IMG_7411 IMG_7435


2 thoughts on “Art Teacher, Vol. 1

  1. Those notes make it worth. The hugs help too. Always remember, “However, each day is a new day.”

    Good luck this year!

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