It’s a Boy!


We have been trying to keep it a secret…but the cat is out of the bag. This last weekend proved to be very exciting as our family officially welcomed a brand new addition.

At first, C.J. and I were a bit nervous about the changes this new bundle of joy would bring to our lives, but we could not be more excited. With two very hectic schedules and having just moved to a new city, we realize the challenge we have accepted and welcome it with arms wide open.

More about our little boy…

He was not too fond of having his photo taken, but we managed to finally get a good shot of his face. He has the cutest little grin and big ears. He is a bit of a chunk, but he is so calm.


On Saturday, August 30th we adopted Gus from Orphaned Angels Rescue. He is the cutest thing on four legs and has been so sweet. We were not planning on adopting a third dog. If you have talked to us about this before, you might remember that I had a rule:

The dogs cannot outnumber the people.

Obviously we broke that rule, but not without a lot of thought. C.J. has been trying to get me to break the rule for awhile now…so when he saw a glimmer of hope he took it.

Gus is a yorkie mix and is about 10 years old. He is house trained, very well mannered, loves to play fetch, and enjoy walks. He is the perfect addition to our family!

We are still trying to convince Espen, our shih tzu, that Gus is not going to replace her…she has proved to be a bit cranky about the situation. I am confident that with time, the two dogs will be best of friends.

Gus, who we renamed “Gus Vader”, but still call “Gus”, was the product of divorce. Both of his parents moved to new homes that did not allow pets, so he was put up for adoption. I can’t believe that we found him before someone else did!

Can’t wait to see what new adventures this little guy brings to our life!


Also, hopefully we didn’t make too many of you nervous with the title and first few sentences of the post…it was all C.J.’s idea.

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