Bacon Cheese Dogs

Five Guys makes the best bacon cheese dogs, but not wanting to drive down to OKC whenever they sound good, we decided to make some of our own bacon cheese dogs at home.

It is super easy…I wouldn’t even call this a recipe.



  • Hot dogs
  • Bacon
  • Hot dog buns
  • Cheese


  1. Cook your bacon and hot dogs. We used the electric skillet for both. Easy cleanup!
  2. Drain oil from meats and layer inside the hot dog buns. Top with cheese.
  3. Method one of cheese melting:  Wrap each hot dog-bun-cheese combo in foil and place in a pan on medium heat and cover with a lid. Leave in covered pan for 3-5 minutes.  This method makes softer buns.
  4. Method two of cheese melting:  Place hot dog-bun-cheese combos on baking sheet and place in over under a low heat broiler. Watch carefully so that you do not burn the buns!  This method provides a crispier experience.






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