Momentum Tulsa 2014

Earlier this month C.J. and I went to Momentum Tulsa. Momentum Tulsa is an art show hosted by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and is open to Oklahoma artists 30 and younger.

My installation, Significant Sixteen, was accepted into the show. It was wonderful to finally see the installation installed how I had envisioned it when I created the concept.


This was the second time that the series had been shown and it was the perfect setting for the artwork.

Ironically they hung my installation right next to the work of an artist that I graduated with! What an amazing coincidence and honor! Her work is simply amazing.


We had a fantastic time and like always C.J. knew how to make me feel important and special for making it into the show. It makes me so happy to know that I have his complete support and encouragement.


After the show we went out to eat at a little Italian restaurant in Tulsa. It was good and the waiter was awkward. He reminded us of our dog, Gus.

It was a spectacular evening!





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