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Pops Date

Driving from Edmond to Luther usually requires taking Route 66…which means….we pass Pops all the time!

Ever since the first time C.J. took me to Luther (where he grew up) I have been in love with this eclectic and fun stop. It is amazing and so much fun.

Pops sells a ton of different flavored sodas all in glass bottles and they also have a giant light up bottle sculpture outside. Look it up if you don’t know what I am talking about.

We usually just get a 6 pack of soda to take home, but one evening we decided to eat at their diner. I would recommend sticking to the hamburgers and onion rings. They are good….can’t say the same for everything else.

They serve breakfast, but we aren’t ever there when it is being served. It is on our list to try out sometime.

Anyways…their hamburgers are great.



I can’t begin to tell you all the different sodas we have tried over thee years. We have saved the bottles and then throw them out with each move. I usually pick the bottle over the flavor…this has resulted on some really disgusting sodas. C.J. is reliable. He ALWAYS gets an orange Fanta and a Dr. Pepper with came sugar. His third soda is usually a different pick each time.

My favorites? Stewarts Key Lime and Brownie Caramel Cream Root Beer.

They have a ton of different flavors…but only some of them are available to purchase. the sodas on the shelves around the building are NOT for sale and are even hot glued to the glass shelves. They rotate the sodas from the shelves to the glass cases.

It is always so tempting not to grab one off the “unavailable shelves”.



The last time we went I grabbed a risky soda…and it was absolutely abominable…but the bottle and label were cool!



I love all of our little “us” things…like stopping at pops and getting an eclectic 6 pack of soda. It will be something that I treasure forever and if we ever move away it will be something I miss.

Memories are what it’s about, folks.

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