Big News.

It has been a while since I have posted regularly…and now I can finally let you all know what has been keeping me from the blog.

We bought our first home!

The process…took a lot of patience and much longer than anyone anticipated, but it was well worth it. C.J. and I are so incredibly excited.

The house is in Luther, Oklahoma which adds absolutely zero time to our commute to OKC for work. Bonus? Luther is small and quiet and the perfect place to come home to after a crazy day.

We live around the corner from our church and right across the street from our pastor and his wife…so our neighbors are pretty fantastic.

The story….

We had been looking for a house in Edmond, but had not stumbled upon anything we were in love with. After 6 months of constantly checking new listings we still had not found anything spectacular.

One night we arrived in Luther extremely early for church and decided to drive around town a little bit. When we passed the white house on Dogwood street, C.J. jokingly said “Look, there’s one for sale.”

I searched for the house on Zillow…and fell in love. Not exactly what C.J. was expecting. We made a showing appointment the next day.

When we looked at the house we loved it, but weren’t sure if it was what we wanted.

  1. It was in Luther…we hadn’t been looking for anything here.
  2. Luther is C.J.’s hometown…so I gave him full veto rights.
  3. Buying a house is a major thing…and we weren’t sure if we were ready.

A couple days after the showing I got a phone call from the agent letting me know that the sellers had received an offer and if we wanted a chance on the house we needed to make an offer soon. That was a Friday afternoon…we made an offer on Sunday afternoon.

The sellers verbally accepted our offer Sunday night.

Thankfully Monday happened to be a snow day and I did not go in to work, allowing me to make a ton of phone calls and plans for getting the process started.

The next month and a half was full of paperwork, faxes, emails, stress…and a lot of patience…but we finally closed on our first home on January 9th.

Ready for the tour?

The house was built in 1910…and yes, I am a little upset that we were not living in it for its 100th year birthday. There most definitely would have been a party.

It is 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. We have a storm cellar, ย a covered porch, glass doorknobs, fancy trim, and all of the original light fixtures.

It is my dream home.

Now…keep in mind that these are all BEFORE photos…we have already done a lot of work on the house after these photos were taken and I will be sharing an “After” reveal post(s) soon.ย 




LR kitchen

Bathroom laundry



MasterBed office studio




We are without question excited about this new life event and can’t wait to show off the updates. Check back soon!



4 thoughts on “Big News.

  1. Paxton….. I’m so happy for you and CJ !!! I love the house and I know you and CJ will make it your beautiful home !!!๐Ÿ’– Haven’t got to have our get together… Have missed you’ll !! Know you’ll have been busy… Maybe Granddad and I can come up to see you… We need your new address !!!๐Ÿ’– NeeNee

  2. OMGosh! Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing the photos – I bet you cannot wait to decorate and get it all together (take your time with this it’ll be fun). I really like that extra storage in the sun room.

    It also seems like there are a ton of windows! The natural lighting will be awesome, too.

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