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Vendor Review: Sara Sara Cupcakes

Disclaimer: I was not asked or paid to review Sara Sara Cupcakes.

Cupcakes. Does it seem like cupcakes have taken over the dessert world?

I don’t know about you, but it does feel as though there are a million different cupcakeries, tv shows about cupcakes, and even housewives who think they are master cupcake chefs these days.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cupcakes. This post is about a wonderful cupcake shop…but I will admit that the whole cupcake scene is very trendy and slightly overrated at the moment. This being said, with so many people claiming to have the BEST cupcakes…it is important to know where to go to get something sincere and absolutely delicious.

Not something trendy. That is not what we want.

Anyways, C.J. introduced me to Sara Sara Cupcakes a while back. The shop is adorable, the location is fun, and the cupcakes are….absolutely delicious.

Moist, flavorful, unique, comforting, pretty…..these cupcakes have it all.

I was delighted to discover a wonderful cupcake place after finding out that a popular cupcake shop in OKC/Edmond does not actually bake their cupcakes in house. That kind of sort of left me heartbroken and a little distrustful of all things cupcake. Then Sara Sara Cupcakes came along and made me love cupcakes again.




My personal favorite is the Sir Elton John:

a cherry cheesecake, with cream cheese
frosting and topped with graham crackers & cherries


You can view the full menu here. Honestly…I have never had a bad cupcake from here…and I have tried some of the more “unique” combinations.

We usually end up taking home a box…you know, for later….that day.



The bakery runs different specials throughout the week. They also make these wonderful cupshakes where they blend your cupcake of choice with vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Talk about fantastic.

Oh…and if you do happen to visit the shop, they have the cutest milk bar so that you can enjoy a glass of milk with your cupcake. Adorable and practical.

I highly recommend Sara Sara Cupcakes over any other cupcake bakery in the metro area. They are authentic and delicious.

Sara Sara Cupcakes






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