Momentum OKC 2015

Last weekend I found out that one of my paintings was accepted into Momentum OKC 2015. Momentum is an art show hosted by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition that is specifically for artists 30 years and younger.

Each year, OVAC hosts a Momentum in Tulsa (in the fall) and a Momentum in OKC (in the spring).

I have been blessed to have been included in the last two Momentum Tulsa shows, but this year was the first year for one of my paintings to be accepted into the OKC show.

The results were scheduled to come in on Friday, February 13th, but due to some technical difficulties, OVAC ended up releasing the accepted works on February 14th.

C.J. has always been very supportive of me entering shows and this show was no different. He also knows that I take rejection of these shows fairly hard–no matter how much I don’t get my hopes up, I am always a bit crushed when I am not accepted.

This time when the results came in, C.J. confiscated my phone and would not let me have it back until he had verified the list of accepted work. Luckily, he was able to tell me that my watercolor and ink painting, Couple, made it onto the acceptance list. He is the best.

The OKC show isn’t up for very long, but with two big “opening” nights, a lot of people will be seeing my work. The patron preview is on March 6, opening night is on March 7, and then there are free gallery hours on March 8.

Very excited for this opportunity!


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