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Cavin Home Reveal: Living Room

The biggest change in the living room came from a single coat of paint. It is amazing how much difference a color change and a fresh paint job can make!

Here is the before photo collage of the living room.



Today I will be revealing the main living area. The library area and the nook will come in later posts. (There are a few sneak peaks in some of the photos though!)

The first improvement that C.J. and I wanted to make was to the two exterior doors in the living room. They are both fairly old and while we love all of their character we did not enjoy the lack of privacy that their two large glass windows offered. I knew that I did not want curtains.

Curtains get dusty. Curtains block light. Curtains get stuck in the door jam.

Because we had just bought a house and were still paying bills at our rent house, we were not really looking at spending a ton of money. I set out to find a practical and cheap fix for the windows that would still let light in and look fabulous.

My solution cost $6 and took 6 hours to complete. Just enough time for two Lord of the Rings movies. (C.J. picked the movies)

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The next step in updating the living room was a paint color. C.J. told me that I had full creative license as far as choosing the color, but I took him along to Lowes anyways. He helped me picked out a gorgeous Blue China blue. We got a Clean Linen white for the molding, doors, and shelves.

The truth:  I love the charm that the intricate molding in our home offers.

The truth:  It was NOT FUN to paint. It took me just as long to paint the molding in the living room as it did for me to paint the walls in all three living room spaces.

The truth:  It was worth it. The fresh coat of paint covered all of the knicks and scratches in the molding and made everything look clean and new.

I painted the doors white as well which helped open the room up.

It was very important for me to make the living room an extremely fun and welcoming room. It is the first room people see when they come to our home and it is the room that we will most likely be spending a lot of our time in.

The paint might have made the most drastic change, but decorating was the most enjoyable part of changing the living room.

I used my watercolor series, Collection of Recollections, as the art for the room. The bold colors in the painting backgrounds stand up well against the blue walls and add fun pops of color to the room.

We only purchased one new piece of furniture for the living room, but it is one of my favorite pieces in the entire house. The new couch looks fantastic and also has a story behind it…but you will have to ask C.J. about that.

We took down the dark roman shades from the windows and installed 2 inch faux wood blinds. They made a huge difference! I hated the curtains that were in the windows originally and knew that I did not want to hang curtains over the fancy molding…so blinds seemed like the perfect choice.

Ready for the reveal? Me too.

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And a few before and afters.

livingroom1 livingroom2


Keep checking in for Cavin home updates!

5 thoughts on “Cavin Home Reveal: Living Room

  1. I love the blue! I love my natural light so I would not have bothered with curtains or contact paper or, um, privacy! Haha! 🙂

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