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Vendor Review: Flatire Burgers

Hamburgers are delicious. I could become a vegetarian if necessary…but I would miss the simplicity and deliciousness of hamburgers. And while black bean burgers can be used as substitutes…they are not the same.


Flatire Burgers in Edmond is a fantastic little burger place with a fun atmosphere and great food.

They offer a variety of fantastically unique burgers (they have the trusty basics as well) and we love their fried pickle appetizer.

Let me warn you though…what I am about to recommend to you is NOT diet friendly.

You have been warned.

My favorite burger at Flatire is the #8 Mac & Cheese….told you it was not where near diet friendly.

Sweet onions & jalapeños, bacon & crispy mac & cheese.

I get mine without jalapeños and usually give half of my bacon to C.J. This burger is delicious though…it might even inspire some fun variations on burgers at home this summer.



On Sunday nights they have a special that discounts their s’mores dessert. I have met only a handful of people who do not like s’mores…and trust me, this is an experience you want to take part in.

They bring you this.



We took C.J.’s two little sisters along…and had a blast. They are all three definitely fire hazards, but we had a great time.



If you like burgers and like local fun restaurants, Flatire Burgers is the way to go in Edmond. Let me know if you try it-I would love to hear what else is as delicious as the #8.

Flatire Burgers




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