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Cavin Home Reveal: Art Studio

This reveal post definitely does not follow the natural progression of a tour of our new home, but I could not wait to show off my new workspace.

It is one of my favorite spaces in the house and it is definitely my favorite studio space so far in my life. I chose the studio for the two large north facing windows…the natural light that fills the room is absolutely magical. I love being in the room during the day.

I chose to go with a completely white color scheme to keep things clean and to allow for any colors that I might want to decorate with. My studio is filled with the objects that are memorable for me or that I find “pretty”.

It is my space and I wanted the feel of the room to be both peaceful and inspirational.

The room used to be a little girls bedroom. It was a pretty pink with a handprinted mural….cute, but not exactly the art studio I was wanting.

studio before


First thing was getting a coat of white on the walls and then replacing the mural with some white and light gray stripes. The tape definitely made me very nervous….




The floor was next. We talked about putting new flooring in, but I opted to paint the floor. It was easy to do, fairly inexpensive, and I can just repaint it when it gets too splattered with paint from other projects.

Look at the light in the after picture…absolutely glorious



We got a desk from Office Depot and then I got creative with ways t store everything.

organizing IMG_9389 IMG_9380 IMG_9379 IMG_9381

I love the room…so so so much. I even made a special piece of art for the room. I love the saying-as an art teacher I tell students this all the time, but I also appreciate the saying on a deeper and more personal level.

studio after

Keep checking in for Cavin home updates!


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