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Vendor Review: Tucker’s Onion Burgers

C.J. is always trying new and fun restaurants for lunch. I am always a tad bit jealous of this as my lunch is at 10:30 and is typically in my classroom. So to make things a little more fair, I challenged him to start finding good places and then when we go out together he can take me to the ones that are the best.

This accomplishes two things:  I get to try the new restaurants (that he has already approved) and it makes it a little easier to decide on where we are going to eat.

One Saturday after an excruciatingly inefficient and pointless meeting that we both had to attend C.J. decided to turn our day around with a trip to Tucker’s Onion Burgers. There are several locations around OKC and everyone seems to love them. We went to the 23rd street location.

They serve a handful of things, but on my first trip there it was absolutely necessary to try the onion burger. I also ordered a chocolate shake.


The shake was amazing. The fries were salty and crisp, equalling perfection.  The onion burger with cheese was fantastic, but I will say that the onions were a bit much and I was not a fan of the semi-burnt onion taste.

Not a deal breaker, but I will be ordering my next onion burger without the onions.

I definitely reccomend trying Tucker’s if you are around one of their many locations in OKC. They are great, the atmosphere is fun, the staff is friendly, and the food is good.





One thought on “Vendor Review: Tucker’s Onion Burgers

  1. I love when you share places to eat. Everytime I am in the city, I want to try a new place. I am making a list. Thank you for sharing

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