25 for 25

Today is my wonderful husband’s 25th birthday and we have been celebrating in some way or another since Saturday. It’s not every year that you turn an age that is also a quarter of a century…so I have been trying to make this birthday special.

C.J.’s birthday always occurs during the busiest time of the year and he is always such a good sport about it. One year I am going to ditch work and we will do something completely spectacular, right in the middle of May. Rebels.

Until then I am trying to schedule birthday goodness around work, meeting, severe weather, and more meetings.


C.J. has always been amazing and to honor him on this significant birthday I am going to tell you 25 things that you might not know about my incredible husband…

1. C.J. is the funniest person I know. He has so many jokes to tell, is incredibly witty, and can always make me laugh.

2. C.J. never stops working. I wouldn’t say that he has a problem and I definitely don’t feel like his working is a negative thing. Even when he looks like he is relaxing, I can guarantee that he is thinking about his work. He is the hardest worker that I know.

3. C.J. is in love with his little shih-tzu. He always tells me that he would choose me over the dog if that decision had to be made, but I know the dog would get some serious consideration.

4. C.J. is the BEST at surprises. I used to think that I did not like surprises, but C.J. has completely changed my mind. Whether it is a simple gesture or a complex plan, his surprises are guaranteed to be great.

5. C.J. is a very picky eater. At first coming up with food to make was a major chore, now I see it as a challenge and actually look forward to working around all of the foods he does not like. I even have managed to change his mind about a few things.

6. C.J. is extremely supportive. He is the most supportive person I know and I can count on his encouragement in everything that I do.

7. C.J. is a great story teller. Give him the littlest thing to create a story out of and he can come up with something believable and entertaining within just a few minutes.

8. C.J. is patient. He probably would be the first person to say that he is not patient, but I will tell you that if he can put up with all of the little things I ask for and do he is very patient.

9. C.J. can cut a ton of time off almost any drive. You can look at this one in a negative way…but I choose to see it as a positive. C.J. is a very good driver and if you happen to be running late he can get you to the destination on time, every time.

10. C.J. is caring. He will drop anything to help those that he loves and he will give his all to do everything for them.

11. C.J. has the biggest memory file of music and movies. It is impressive.

12. C.J. loves the zoo. We have been to the zoo so many times since we started dating and it never gets old. We always get excited to see the elephants, rhinos, and the lions.

13. C.J. loves meetings. I mean…he is all into parliamentary procedure…so that should explain a few things. I mean…he attends meetings and teaches classes on it. His hobbies are so much more impressive than mine.

14. C.J.’s favorite cake flavor is “white”. Every single cake we have ever ordered for him has been “white”. This year’s birthday cake from Sugared Bakery was no different.

15. C.J. is an Apple fanatic. He watches all of the releases, follows several Apple themed blogs, and, of course, enjoys the majority of the products.

16. C.J. will stand up for you. Let’s just say that having C.J. on your side is the best idea.

17. C.J. is loyal to the end. As his wife I admire and appreciate this quality a great deal, but I also admire how loyal he is to colleagues, clients, family, and friends. C.J. is someone you can count on and that will not go back on his word.

18. C.J. loves sports. He loves watching them, even when they get a little boring. He is the only reason I slightly enjoy watching college football and the only reason that I attended so many OSU games while in college. One of his favorite sports to play is racquetball.

19. C.J. will always, always, always stand up for what is right. He is a rule follower and a law abider, no questions asked.

20. C.J. has become quite the handyman around our new house. People said that would happen, I didn’t think it would…and it did. He is awesome at fixing things and has been knocking out the house “to do” list.

21. C.J. is a man of faith. C.J. truly inspires me to be a better person and holds me accountable when I am faltering. He makes sure that we are at church when I want to sleep in, he makes sure that we go to the “extra” fellowship events….etc. He is the best accountability partner I could ask for and his faith is something I really admire.

22. C.J. does not make the bed….something about how he is opposed to doing something that will just be immediately undone.

23. C.J. wants to make a difference and everything he does in hi personal life and work life show that desire. How can you not love someone who wants to make the world a better place?

24. C.J. loves No Man’s Land Beef Jerky. Needing a gift idea for him? Get him beef jerky…it will always be a good gift.

25. C.J. is the best.

I am so thankful for my best friend and so incredibly thrilled to spend another year of life together. I truly hope that this year the best year yet!

Happy Birthday C.J.- you are absolutely amazing!

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