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Vendor Review: Kaiser’s Diner

So for the last few months I have heard C.J. rave about how delicious Kaiser’s Diner is. He would eat there for lunch during the work week, meet people there for business lunches…etc. I kept hearing about this fantastic bison burger in Midtown and was dying to finally get to try it.

One night he told me that we were going out to dinner. Usually this means that the following conversation occurs:

C.J.- “Where do you want to go?”

Me- ” I don’t care.”

C.J.- “You pick.”

Me- “No, I want you to pick.”

C.J.- “You pick.”

We typically can’t decide where to go anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, but this particular night he said:

Let’s go to Kaisers.

We both ordered the bison burgers which comes with melted cheddar cheese and bacon. We also ordered a chocolate shake.

The burger was perfection on a bun. It was delicious, definitely an experience worthy of a repeat. The fries were ok…I typically like really crunchy fries and these were a little thicker than I prefer.



The shake….the shake was incredible. Hands down the best chocolate shake I have ever had. They had other “fun” options for shakes and ice cream…and next time we won’t be sharing the milkshake.

C.J. did let me drink the milkshake in his new truck though….a definite one time experience.




The restaurant is in Midtown which is rapidly becoming one of my favorite parts of OKC. There is so much to do there and with so much history the environment is fun and beautiful.

Try Kaiser’s Diner, you will most definitely not regret it.






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