A Hopeful Return

Throughout this last week I have thought of my blog with an overwhelming feeling of failure. Each time that I wanted to post something the thought of how far behind I was and how long it had been since my last post stopped me from posting my thoughts. Today I decided that I can’t let those feelings keep me away from my blog any longer.

I have thought about how I would return to my blog. Would I give one massive update? Try to schedule all of the recipes, updates, and reviews that I have neglected to post about during my hiatus? Those ideas overwhelmed me even more, so I have decided that I will be returning to the blog, but will be starting fresh. Anything that happened during my absence from the blog may show up not the blog or it might not. The choice is mine and I will not feel obligated to play “catch up”.

To be completely honest I am confident that the landscape of my blog will be changing. There will still be recipes, but not as many as I am not cooking as much during the school week. There will be house updates as I have been working on the house a lot. There will be career updates, I love my job and am excited about what has happened this year and is planned to happen. There will probably be some vendor reviews and some encouraging quotes. I don’t know if I will post everyday, every other day, or every week. I am not going to force a schedule right now.

Let me say that I appreciate those of you who are still reading my blog-even after my absence. Thank you.


An update on my life at the moment? I have submerged myself in teaching and in redoing our house. My most recent endeavor was with my students:  the first mural at our elementary school. Over the course of 3 days each of my 500 students at this school had the opportunity to paint on the wall, and the result was both surprising and uplifting. The students were incredibly creative and have taken a pride in their work. They refer to the wall as their own and I worry about the person who tries to alter what my students worked hard to create. I thank God daily for giving me this job at this school with these students. They remind me each day that I am capable of making a difference. They make me feel needed, and though they don’t realize it-I need them too.

Thanks again for returning to my blog, I hope to have more posts soon! -Mrs. Cavin


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