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Is It Too Late for a New Year’s Type Post?

Obviously my “Hopeful Return” did not happen. I was a little embarrassed completely embarrasses when I received my end of the year blog stats from WordPress. While I love blogging, I have not felt the desire to blog. That changed a couple days ago, but in all honesty I contemplated just deleting the blog. Complete humiliation of not staying on top of my project really weighed on me, but I do not want to start a new blog…so I am here, humble and ready to stay on track this year.

Because of my absence I thought I would recap the last year. I may have been absent from the blog, but life was fairly busy while I was away.

Keeping things short today so that I can type up some more posts to schedule for later this week. Happy 2016, blog friends!


One thought on “Is It Too Late for a New Year’s Type Post?

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Life happens and everyone needs to understand that. Blog when you can. If you make it a “chore”, it will feel like one. Blogging is fun and meeting new people is even more fun. Take it all in stride and enjoy the ride. Love your recap. It was adorable! Happy New Year! Best wishes to you! Cheers, Koko 🙂

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