Don’t Quit

Sometimes you are trying to accomplish something and it just does not seem to be working out.

I think we can agree that we have all been there. Maybe it is something simple like trying to perfect a recipe or trying to keep weeds out of your flower beds. Maybe it is something a little more important such as trying to get healthy or trying to build something new. No matter what the end goal is, it is incredibly frustrating and confidence breaking when you can’t get it right. I know the feeling and I bet that anyone you talk to knows the feeling as well.

The fear failure can be a good thing, it can be harnessed to help you accomplish things you never would have finished if you hadn’t feared failing. However, if the fear of failure causes you to quit what you are doing, it probably is a little too heavy of a fear. I am the queen of this. I will prohibit myself from things just to keep from failing. Sometimes when my fear of failing doesn’t stop me from doing something it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. It is in those instances where I “at least tried” when I feel better about the situation.

The hardest thing? When you don’t expect to fail and you do anyways. These instances are the biggest blows. I remember a time in college when I thought I had done extremely well on a test. When I received it from my professor it was several letter grades below what I expected. For me, this is when I lose confidence in myself. This is when I want to quit. I doubt myself.

How in the world can I trust my judgement when it lead me so astray?

I know it sounds cheesy, and it is definitely a cliche to say “don’t quit.” Don’t do it. Yes, failing is hard. Yes, it hurts. Yes, crying yourself to sleep at night makes your eyes hurt in the morning….but if you quit, you will never be successful in your endeavor. You will never be able to see your end goal accomplished.

So…on this “Monday-ist” of Tuesdays, try not to quit. Keep going in whatever endeavor you are working towards.



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