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Ready to Reveal: Living Room

It has been 450 days since we moved into our first home. We started painting the very next day. Now almost all of the major changes are complete and our home is ready to reveal.

The exterior and yard hasn’t really changed much, so we will start through the front door in the living room.

These photos were taken when we looked at the house a few days before we made an official offer. They show three areas of the downstairs, the living room, the library, and what we have come to call the “nap cove”. Today’s post will focus on the actual living room area.


A close up of our gorgeous bay windows-one of my favorite things about our home.



The living room was the first room to be painted. The pull down shades came down and wood blinds went up, the molding was repaired, and the floors were recently refinished.


IMG_2075 (1)


One more before and after…





Tomorrow….the library. See you there.

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