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Ready to Reveal: Kitchen

Hope you had a great weekend! Did you enjoy visiting the dining room on Friday?

The kitchen has gone through some big changes, changes that were not necessarily planned out when we bought the house. The changes were a lot of work, a lot of messy work, but they were worth it.

We painted the room in the same bright light mint color that the dining room is painted in, replaced one light fixture (still searching the universe for the perfect replacement for the other), coated the countertops in cement, and created tiles for the backsplash.

Disclaimer:  The backsplash has not been grouted yet. Sorry…actually hoping to accomplish that project this evening after school. 

While I  love the progress we have made in the kitchen, I had plans for updating the cabinet doors and and possibly installing a Dutch door to separate the sunroom from the kitchen. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and I suspect that the kitchen will continue to evolve while we live in this house…which is hopefully for a very long time.

Enough chit chat…ready for the pictures?





Thank you for visiting the kitchen! We visit the last two downstairs rooms tomorrow.


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