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Ready to Reveal: Sunroom and Downstairs Bathroom

Did you enjoy visiting the kitchen yesterday?

Today we will visit the last two remaining downstairs areas-the sunroom and the downstairs bathroom. Today’s tour will be brief as these areas are important to the house, but not super exciting. The sunroom is a laundry room/dog room/workout room combo and the bathroom is well…just a bathroom. Eventually the downstairs bathroom will have the perfect bathtub ideal for bubble baths after a long day…but for now it is pretty standard.

These two rooms have two things in common:

  1. They were both a butter yellow before we painted them in a light gray.
  2. They both have wood paneling. (read:  not fun to paint)

We painted the bathroom fairly quickly after moving into the house, the wood panels in the bathroom were a butter yellow and soaked up the new coat of paint like crazy. The bathroom might be a small room, but it was time consuming and difficult to paint. The floors got a coat of paint for now, until we decide what flooring we want. I added shelving paper to the inside of the storage cabinet to give the room a little “pop”.

The sunroom got a coat of paint and a new door-nothing major. I didn’t take a ton of photos in the sunroom, because I honestly didn’t think anyone would want to see the dog kennel, rowing machine, and washer/dryer. I did previously blog about the art on the sunroom wall.

Bathroom Before


Bathroom After



Sunroom Before


Sunroom After


Thanks for joining us. Tomorrow we will head up the stairs!

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